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Lunchables Pizza vs. Armour Pizza. I'm only talking about the food item itself, so Lunchables boxes with a drink are not being compared, but the single serve packets they sell right next to them.

Right off the bat, let's look at that price tag. Prices may vary where you live (if these two brands are even available for you) but my store had these to offer me. You can get three Lunchables for $5, so about $1.67 each. Armour Pizzas you can get four for $5, or $1.25 each. So serving for serving, Armour wins by $0.42. Not too bad. Now, off with those lids. Both packages are just sealed plastic containers of comparable size, but what's inside them? Since we're comparing pizza, they have nachos in them. In all seriousness, they've got the same stuff basically. A few crusts, some pepperoni, cheese, pizza sauce, and a candy bar. Let's count quantity now. Lunchables has three pizza crusts, and nine slices of pepperoni, Armour has TWO pizza crusts, and six slices of pepperoni. I believe Armour has the same amount of cheese though, so Armour's Pepperoni Pizza is technically more cheesey. We have a problem here. Look at that price tag I gave above and assume the candy bar costs $0.25 (Which may be a bit generous for a "Fun Size" candy). With Lunchables, three pizzas works out to around $0.47 per pizza. Armour comes to an even $0.50 per pizza. Not good. But we've been going on about Quantity, what about quality? Well, Armour's pepperoni is only "Pepperoni flavoured sausage", while Lunchables actually uses Pepperoni. Aside from that HUGE distinction, Armour's 'pepperoni' slices are FAR thinner and flimsier then Lunchables. Onto the crusts, once again, Armour has a thinner, flimsier crust. It's also more 'dusty' and tastes more like flour, so I have to once again give this win to Lunchables. The pizza sauce also has a drastically different flavour. Lunchable's packs more of a kick to it, and Armour comes off more... watered down. Armour's sauce also made the already soggy pizza soggier. The cheese remains about the same quality, so I can't give this a pass in either direction. The candy bar is also the same, a Nestle Crunch bar.

So, now comes the final tally.
Price: Armour is cheaper for the pack, not for the actual count.
Quantity: Lunchables gives you one more pizza than Armour.
Quality: Lunchables wins by a landslide, actual pepperoni, stronger sauce, better tasting crust. Armour doesn't stand a chance.

And coming off from this we see that it's better to just pay that extra $0.42 and get Lunchables.
On Christmas day, instead of getting cash from grandma, or clothes that don't fit, I got a stomach flu. Damn thing had me out of commission the entire day. I had diarrhea that felt like acid and I could barely get anything, food or water, inside me to counteract. I threw up exactly three times, once was after I ate some bread, the next after I ate some cereal, and the last after I some oatmeal. I didn't get any sleep all that day.
Right, so, let's cut to it.

I was awoken today by gunshots. Seven on them. Small caliber semi-auto handgun. I saw the car. I gave police my statement.

This is after an entire night of being kept awake by the folk who were shot at. Beyond this, they know the guy who shot at their house and I don't think they gave up his name.

So, yeah. That's the start of my day. Fun, huh?
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*Ahem* Howdy, ya'll. Been a while, aye? I suppose those of you who actually read this have been wondering where I've been. Well, to be honest, most of my latest stuff is only uploaded on Eka's Portal nowadays.

That's no good. I need to come back here and return to something normal. I need to write something here that I can show off proudly. The problem is, I've been in a deep rut lately. I get a lot of my creativity from roleplaying. Not what happens in the games, but just from stimulating my mind by putting myself in my character's shoes.

There's a problem with this. I haven't been in a mentally stimulating RP in months! I can't even get into an RP with one of my friends because he's focused on his own universe, which is Post Apocalypse, and most of my imagination lives in Urban Fantasy.

I'm sending out an SOS. If someone can come to me with some RP that'll get me into the right universe, I'll be happy. As a bonus, I'd likely be able to get back into working on non-freaky stories. I'll dedicate my next work to whoever successfully get's me into the groove, as well.

Later, ya'll!
So, I'm not sure, I mean, it's a decent Avatar image, but I would've preferred, if any sparkly vampire, Alice.

As for my signature... No. Just no. The lion does not fall in love with the lamb. I have been corrupting the youth since 1988. That's how it's supposed to be.

Decent joke for DA to pull though.

I find myself wanting a llama badge now.
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Is there any job in this ****ing city that doesn't require a ****ing high school diploma of ****ing GED? Further, if there is, does it require me to be ****ing 21 years of age or hold a ****ing driver's license? After that, does it still require at least 5 ****ing years of ****ing experience!?

How the **** am I supposed to get a job when there are absolutely no opportunities!? Even the "entry-level" jobs I've seen all require at least 5 years experience!

**** you America! **** Obama too, he's supposed to be doing **** to help me out here!
Okay, so...I'm not a good friend to you all. I have uploaded anything in a long time. I hereby give you permission to use the Big Boot (TM) and administer it upon my hind-quarters.

Yeah. I'll get some stuff up soon. It'll be old as all Hades, but still.

Consequently, I have a request from you all. Give me an art challenge. Something to try getting me to improve my abilities. Please...?
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Not much to say, Just decided to write that I don't have very many pictures being uploaded in my entire time here...Maybe I should dig in my archives of horrible images the world was never meant to see.

I'm sure everyone out there would love to see what I thought was cool at the time I drew them. :P
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One of my friends suggested that I start doing commissions now. Is my stomach really growling that loudly?

Anyway, I'll start small, because there's no guarantee that I'll even be able to do it, but I will start doing commissions if anybody actually cares about my art.

That's a big if. Anyway, you want me to do something for you, send me an email or an IM, I'm on AOL, MSN, and Yahoo. Drop me a line and we'll hash everything out there.

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Well, if anyone actually looks at my submissions anymore, then you'll notice I've shifted my art style. This isn't completely laziness, although that has a large factor in it. It's an attempt to improve upon my old style.

The first of these style of drawing was Cassie, which was drawn in MSPaint (an action I seriously regret). She was also the first character I drew in my old comic SWRC.

The next image to show my old style(s) was the "Ninja'd" Comic which shows my Armpit Theatre style (stick figures) and my current comic style (sharp angles, always drawn in pen). It was simplistic cause there was a post I wanted to make with it, but I though it was a good blend.

The third image with my comic style is Innocent Sara, it's a "full color" version of one of my characters. I'd give more color and details if I could, but I'm working on card stock, with pen, with only seven colors. So you figure it out.

I've got another picture on the way, but I'd like one of my friends to color it cause she's the greatest color artist the world has ever known! :P
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Oh my, where am I?

Kidding, I know where I am, just haven't been here in forever. How about I kick my own @$$ into shape and start drawing and writing more. It's not like I have anything else to do.

Seeya guys later, I gotta dream me a dream of Broken. I'd really like to draw her...
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I was wondering if I should maybe do this DeviantART print thing that I keep getting everytime I upload a new image, and if so, what images would you buy and as what? Please tell me, I'm not wanting to do anything unless people are interested...Maybe Su-Zaku would like some of the watercolors?
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