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Ocean Monument Rooms by MysticSamuraiX Ocean Monument Rooms by MysticSamuraiX
These are the layouts of the modular rooms of the ocean monument. Treat the bottom of each layout as if it's facing the front of the monument.

You will notice I have a quite a few spaces with a half-block/half-air tile, this indicates that the area could be made into an exit if you wish, and I have only placed these indicators where exits would go. There is also a half-Prismarine/Half-Prismarine Bricks tile, and that indicates that you should replace the Prismarine with Prismarine Bricks if you want an exit there.

For the 4 Pillar Room, there is a Half-Air/Half-Block tile, you may place those blocks there ONLY if you do not have an exit going up or down. If you have either, those blocks cannot be placed.

For the Sponge Room, you can ONLY place sponges in it if the only exit to the room is DOWN. The uppermost layer of sponges will have most of the area filled, and the lower layer will have around 5-10 I think. I think this was meant to be an air pocket, but the monument generates filled with water and has wet sponges.

The Treasure Room is the only room here that has a 'predetermined' location on the Ocean Monument, and that is at the very back of it on the first floor. When I upload the shell layout for the monument, you'll understand what I mean. While the Treasure Room has openings for exits, the rooms connecting to it don't necessarily need to exit into it.

Technically, none of these rooms is built with a roof in the game, and relies on the floor above to create their roofs. Now that that's all done, I need to reupload the Ocean Monument as it would be with only it's shell, and then I can get to work procrastinating with the newest pregenerated structures, Ender Cities! (Not officially released yet.)
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December 30, 2015
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